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As cannabis legalization continues to sweep the U.S, beliefs and behaviors surrounding 420, once considered a “stoner holiday,” are shifting to become much more mainstream and inclusive. One in four Americans currently consume cannabis, reporting they’ve tried some form of cannabis within the past twelve months. That’s a significant increase since
Cannabis industry insiders say a push by federal lawmakers to allow banks to provide services to pot shops in states where they are legal “can’t happen soon enough.” “Access to banking and capital is probably the largest barrier of entry for getting into this industry,” said David Torrisi, president of the Commonwealth Dispensary Association. As a
Cannabis and innovation go hand-in-hand. From growing to packaging technology, consuming to creating, cannabis influences many innovative ideas. Innovation in cannabis isn’t always as visible as it is in other industries. Cannabis is still budding and because it’s been illegal for so long, much of its innovation has happened behind closed doors. As
The United Kingdom (UK) has one of the strictest medical cannabis programs out of all of the countries that have legalized cannabis for medical use. Obviously, the United Kingdom’s medical cannabis program is better than having no medical cannabis program at all. However, it leaves a lot to be desired, much to the detriment of medical cannabis pati
Finding funding for medical cannabis research can be challenging in the USA, but a new initiative is thinking outside the box. University of New Mexico’s recently launched “Rounding Up for Research” project will raise funds for this purpose and for related student scholarships. UNM is aiming to team up with cannabis dispensaries across the nation u
The preference of eco-conscious cannabis consumers to buy environmentally-friendly products has motivated many businesses to clean up their act. Earth Day 2021 is upon us, and cannabis companies across the industry are mobilizing to take “sustainability” from buzzword to business practice. Earth Day was founded in 1970 by Senator Gaylord Nelson as
New Jersey’s Cannabis Regulatory Commission held its second meeting Thursday afternoon, but much about the new legal weed industry remains a mystery.   The new, five-member commission has lots of authority over the cannabis industry and a four-month deadline to set up its regulations. It will determine when sales can start to people 21 and older, r
Cannabis retail traffic was up 9.5%, and sales rebounded 8.4% year-over-year on 4/20, according to Cova Software, the largest Cannabis Point of Sale (POS) company in North America. While major outages plagued several big POS systems, Cova reported its 4th straight year of perfect uptime (100%) and benchmark transaction speeds (1.4 seconds). During
In honor of this very special, 4/20, semi-post-pandemic holiday week, the city of Denver has an exciting announcement. On Monday, Denver City Council approved cannabis smoking lounges. This exciting news coincided perfectly with the cannabis holiday, getting city residents excited for what is to come. There are already some businesses in Denver tha
  The Tar Heel State might be mostly comprised of varying shades of blue, but lawmakers there are eager to dabble in some green and legalize cannabis in North Carolina. A bill introduced this week in the North Carolina state legislature would seek to not only legalize cannabis possession, but also regulate a recreational cannabis industry.  House B
With nearly a dozen pot policy reform bills currently under consideration in the Texas legislature, Democratic Rep. James Talarico took advantage of the 420 high holiday on Tuesday as an opportunity to promote his recent move to get the ball rolling on Texas cannabis legalization. While the cannabis community was reveling in its celebration of the
NORML criticized statements made today by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, who reiterated the President’s position that cannabis should be rescheduled under federal law (to Schedule II) rather than descheduled (removed) from the Controlled Substances in a manner similar to tobacco and alcohol. “It is impractical at best and disingenuous at wo
The stress levels experienced in the past year caused many consumers to turn to cannabis as a coping mechanism. That increased interest led dispensaries to bump up their ad spend, adopt the buy online, pickup in-store (BOPIS) model, implement curbside pickup, and even offer virtual consultations. Some dispensaries started or increased local deliver
Aside from the many negative impacts of illegal grow operations (banned insecticides, illegal diversion of stream water, unchecked chemical runoff), legal operations can also pack a devastating environmental punch. With both 420 and Earth Day (4/22) being celebrated this week, there’s an opportunity to take a good, hard look at the environmental im
There are several locations across Europe where cannabis use is as much part of the culture as French wine and Italian coffee. In recent years, we’ve seen a huge increase in weed - otherwise known as cannabis or marijuana - becoming legalised for medical use across the board. CBD oil and hemp especially have seen a rise in popularity across markets
Stakeholders not currently operating under a NYDAM research partnership agreement will need to wait a bit longer before they may lawfully enter New York’s cannabinoid hemp market. Original link
The late, great NBA All-Star Clifford “Uncle Cliffy” Robinson (rest in peace) often stated that cannabis consumption can absolutely be a part of an active lifestyle. Robinson knew firsthand his claim was valid, having played 18 years in the NBA and been a cannabis consumer throughout his professional career. Uncle Cliffy didn’t just make rosters in
What does your business value more: increase in daily revenue or new customer acquisition? To help you understand how to grow your business’ revenue beyond April 20th, we’ve interviewed three dispensaries on what their recommendations are for turning first-time customers into lifelong customers. Original link
For marijuana to reach its lofty potential in hospices in the future, there must be a unified legal status of cannabis from federal to state levels. A life-threatening illness is one of the most frightening experiences anyone can go through. No one wants to be diagnosed with a terminal illness, and no one wants someone they love diagnosed with the