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At the behest of the Idaho Farm Bureau, the House Agriculture Committee has voted unanimously to introduce new legislation to legalize industrial hemp in Idaho, for production, processing, transportation and research. The vote clears the way for a full hearing on the bill, which supporters said they hope will settle years of debate about how to all
About $31 million from adult-use cannabis taxes is going to nonprofits in Illinois as part of the Restore, Reinvest and Renew, or R3 program, and it’s not all going to Chicago. Cannabis sales for January neared $90 million. Since adult-use sales began in January 2020, nearly $757.9 million in cannabis has been sold. The taxes on that can be more th
Floridians said they believe hemp businesses will boom this year and are hopeful about it. “It’s just everything we worked on for two years is now in front of you. It’s very exciting,” said Holly Bell, the Director of Cannabis for the Florida Department of Agriculture. Bell said she could barely contain her excitement looking at all the harvested p
While cannabis strains are typically praised for the strength and effects of their cannabinoids, a growing number of connoisseurs and industry pros alike are recognizing that a strain’s terpene profile can be of equal import. Original link
Research suggests marijuana can help you fall asleep, but habitual use could lead to some problems. Between 50 to 70 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep disorders or intermittent sleep issues, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Around 30 to 40% of us will develop insomnia at some point in our lives as well. Sleep problems don’t jus
New legislation introduced in the US last week seeks to create a clear legal pathway for hemp-derived cannabidiol and other hemp extracts, while also assuring quality. The status of cannabidiol is still a bit of a no-man’s land in the USA while the FDA tussles with developing regulations. Last month, the FDA published an update regarding its effort
Marijuana’s slow but steady movement towards federal legalization has been heavily documented, gaining support across the nation and with more and more medical and recreational programs gaining approval. But there remains a lot of mystery in the purchase process, with many turning to black market marijuana because it seems simpler and less intimida
Jeremy Kitzhaber, a retired senior master sergeant of the U.S. Air Force with Stage 4 terminal cancer, on Monday morning showed up to an Idaho Legislature committee meeting with a draft bill and a bag of pills. He demonstrated to state legislators the medication he needed on a daily basis to keep him alive — hydrocodone, oxycodone, pills to help wi
Six growers helped launch Minnesota’s hemp industry in 2016, through a pilot program that prioritized study alongside cultivation. Since then, that program is no longer experimental and that number has grown exponentially — to 343 licensed growers by 2019. But hemp production has hit a plateau in Minnesota. Many farmers still have last year's crop
Medical marijuana sales bring in tens of millions of dollars in tax revenue each year to states where it is has been legalized and many doctors say it can treat a variety of conditions. Alabama Senator Tim Melson (R-District 1) authored Senate Bill 46 which aims to find a place for medical marijuana in the state. If passed, it would allow residents
The global pandemic has slowed down many aspects of daily life around the globe, and in some cases, shut them down entirely. Fortunately, the cannabis movement has pushed on despite the ongoing pandemic. This is not to say that things are full steam ahead because there have certainly been setbacks and additional hurdles caused by the battle against
Maine may revise its current regulations on cannabis advertising, as many feel the current restrictions are too stringent, and arbitrary, to work well for the industry.   Rep. Colleen Madigan, D-Waterville, has proposed “An Act To Amend the Law Regarding the Advertising and Marketing of Adult Use Marijuana.” This act would allow businesses to appea
Thirty years from now, hemp advocates envision the versatile crop will play a prominent role in the U.S. economy, used regularly in the production of everyday products including food, fiber, fuel, pharmaceuticals and building materials. But getting to that point is not so simple.  Lawmakers must adopt policies to ease the regulatory burden on farme
With marijuana now legalized for recreational use in Montana, a Fort Benton lawmaker is advancing legislation intended to protect the state’s industrial hemp crop from running afoul of federal law. Republican Rep. Josh Kassmier told a Senate panel that his bill would automatically align the definition of hemp in Montana with that of the U.S. Depart
As millions of Americans are using cannabidiol (CBD) in dietary supplements, thousands of producers are still waiting on a clear pathway to market hemp-derived CBD through various sales channels. They have yet to receive approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but Congress could help open that avenue. The Hemp and Hemp-Derived CB
Amid a global pandemic that disrupted many facets of commerce, Colorado’s marijuana industry experienced its most lucrative year on record with $2.2 billion in sales in 2020. According to figures released Tuesday by the state Department of Revenue, dispensaries sold $186,343,208 in cannabis products in December, up 6.4% compared to the previous mon
The next stop for the legalization bandwagon might be the Badger State.  Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers unveiled details of his budget proposal on Monday, which included a proposal to regulate and tax marijuana that he says will produce a windfall of revenue for the state. “My 2021-23 budget proposes regulating and taxing marijuana much like we do alcoh
About $31 million from adult-use cannabis taxes is going to nonprofits in Illinois as part of the Restore, Reinvest and Renew, or the R3 program, and it’s not all going to Chicago. Cannabis sales for January neared $90 million. Since adult-use sales began in January 2020, nearly $757.9 million in cannabis has been sold. The taxes on that can be mor
Gov. Phil Murphy and lawmakers continue to struggle to strike a deal that will allow New Jersey to begin the process of selling marijuana in New Jersey. But they're also raising hopes that some agreement could be reached soon. Lawmakers extended a Monday deadline for Murphy to act on legislation that would begin the process of selling marijuana, si