California is poised to clamp down on the fast-growing hemp market in a push to make sure CBD-infused products are accurately labeled and safe — a shift that could be felt nationwide, given the state’s formidable purchasing power. The extract used in soap, food and other wellness goods has exploded in popularity since Congress legalized hemp in the
 The Cannabis Control Board, the five-member panel charged with approving the comprehensive regulatory framework for the state’s cannabis industry, will hold its first public meeting Tuesday. The board, which had its final appointments by Gov. Kathy Hochul last month, will oversee licensing of cannabis businesses and the approval of various actions
The Internal Revenue Service anticipates the continued growth of the cannabis industry. With this, the IRS is providing some useful suggestions to cannabis businesses. This help is in regards to remaining obedient with taxes while the cannabis plant is still federally illegal. Taken from a recent online blog post-De Lon Harris of the IRS has shared
In an effort to create the ultimate meat substitute that delivers on taste and texture, Victory Hemp is placing its bets on the hemp seed heart. The demand for meat alternatives is growing worldwide but the challenge of mimicking meat without compromises on taste is a difficult hurdle to overcome. However, one Kentucky-based company believes it’s c
The impact of COVID-19 on shopping behaviors is a matter of great concern not only to retailers but economists, city planners, public health officials and a whole slew of other interested parties. A 2020 survey of online consumers in nine different countries produced by The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development and titled “Covid-19 and
There aren't many biotechs that have research underway targeting the development of cannabinoids. One of them is Ginkgo Bioworks (NYSE:DNA), which recently went public through a merger with a special purpose acquisition company. In this Motley Fool Live video recorded on Sept. 22, 2021, Motley Fool contributors Keith Speights and Brian Orelli answe
 More and more states are beginning to implement legislation to regulate cannabis products. As sales of such products are becoming more prevalent, new and important regulations are expected to be implemented. One of the major concerns over cannabis abuse revolves around operating a vehicle while impaired. Generally, law enforcement officers may con
While most people can use marijuana without experiencing any issues whatsoever, fainting is a side effect that has been known to happen. Some medical experts say these blackout moments can occur since THC decreases blood pressure in the body.(As Originally Seen On Benzinga) One second you’re at a party, laughing it up with friends like you’ve done
Cannabis Conference 2021, the industry’s leading event for plant-touching businesses, was host to nearly 3,000 cannabis professionals in August, who came together for the first time in two years to share the latest technologies and solutions, business strategies and more at Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino. On the 85,000-square-foot trade show floor,
More than six months after Texas legalized hemp, marijuana prosecution cases fell dramatically, with prosecutors filing fewer criminal charges while unleashing a struggle for police departments who now need to test substances in private labs, in order to prove illegal marijuana possession. Since Gov. Greg Abbott signed the legalization of hemp at t
Trulieve just acquired Harvest Health & Recreation, officially making them the largest cannabis company in the nation. Trulieve finalized this purchase today for $2.2 billion. The company, based out of Tallahassee, and founded to be a medical cannabis entity, the largest legal cannabis company to date. “Trulieve is primarily a vertically integrated
NBA Hall of Famer and entrepreneur Chris Webber on Tuesday broke ground on Players Only Holdings, a $50 million cannabis production and training facility in Detroit’s Corktown neighborhood. Once completed, the new facility sitting on nine acres near the Detroit River is expected to create hundreds of jobs over the next three years. Co-founded by We
In a move that is further expected to shore up new calls for comprehensive cannabis reform at a European level, Czech President Miloš Zeman signed a law in the last week of September that allows industrial hemp grown in the country to have a THC level of 1.0 percent.  This exceeds the current limit set by the European Parliament last fall as a regi
Trulieve, a cannabis company that operates across 11 U.S. states, has completed the acquisition of Arizona-based Harvest Health & Recreation Inc. The US$2.1 billion deal was first announced in May. Trulieve is now the largest and most profitable cannabis operation in the U.S., according to the company’s announcement. Original link
Marijuana enforcement officials, city council members, and citizens all came together to discuss marijuana sales in the city, the timeline, and the economic impact at the 5th annual Western Colorado Economic Summit at the Grand Junction Convention Center on Thursday. City Council member, Abe Herman says, “Things we’ve come to consensus on is the ca
Problems with sleep are common. In recent research, 48 per cent of UK adults said sleeping badly had a negative effect on their mental health. For teenagers, this proportion was significantly higher — 66 per cent.The large number of people experiencing sleep problems makes for an attractive market. Some companies have seized the opportunity to prov
  Marijuana is now legal in New York, but that doesn’t mean you can smoke it everywhere. Here’s a look at some of the rules on where you can and can’t smoke in the state. Generally, anywhere you’re not allowed to smoke a cigarette, you’re also not allowed to smoke a joint.That includes a host of places where smoking is banned under New York’s Clean
What if you could turn your work shed into a legal marijuana grow house? It’s really a possibility that Florida voters may get a chance to vote on it next year. The constitutional amendment being proposed would allow those 21 and older to grow their own marijuana. But it could only be grown inside a locked room. Eli Joyce with the grassroots group
Fear is looming over the cannabis industry as many try to maneuver their way into the nascent New York market. There is deep concern that social equity participants and small business owners won't have a level playing field to compete against large corporations or interstate trade.  One New York hemp farmer has been working hard behind the scenes t