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Little is known about how eating byproduct cannabis material will affect cattle, but the feds are paying to find out. Kansas State researchers will receive federal funding to study what effect adding industrial hemp to livestock feed will have on cows. The study will focus on whether or not cannabinoids are stored in the meat and milk of the cow, a
The queen of lifestyle branding Martha Stewart has launched a new line of CBD products with cannabis company Canopy Growth Corporation (NYSE:CGC.) The hemp-derived wellness supplements are inspired by some of Martha’s most popular recipes featuring Meyer lemons and blood oranges. The initial product offering will include a range of human wellness s
The vaping scare shook up the concentrates market in the second half of 2019, but despite last year’s upheaval, the sales and popularity of extracted products continues to grow nationally, according to research from cannabis analytics firms BDSA, Brightfield Group and New Frontier Data. While flower remains the top-selling category of cannabis prod
Despite the fact that we’re living in the heyday of digital media, paper consumption is actually on the upswing — in the last 20 years alone, it’s risen 126 percent. About 208 million tons of paper are used worldwide each year and many of these paper products are used once and then thrown away. In the United States, for example, around 1 billion tr
Canna-business is evolving along with technology. Here are three of the most promising technological developments that the cannabis industry is making. Technology affects just about everything, from the way in which we interact with others to how companies function. The cannabis industry isn’t exempt from technology’s reach. Thanks to marijuana’s l
Recent studies have shown that some forms of cannabis, particularly cannabidiol (CBD) and terpenes, can treat COVID-19 in some patients. Research has mainly focused on the treatment of “cytokine storms” — a severe immune reaction that can damage the lungs and lead to acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). All research is preliminary at this po
Recent studies have shown that some forms of cannabis, particularly cannabidiol (CBD) and terpenes, can treat COVID-19 in some patients. Research has mainly focused on the treatment of “cytokine storms” — a severe immune reaction that can damage the lungs and lead to acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). All research is preliminary at this po
The Marijuana Policy Project announced that the Nebraska Supreme Court has ruled that the medical marijuana ballot initiative supported by Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana will not appear on the November 2020 ballot. The decision came in response to a lawsuit filed by opponents arguing that the measure violated the state’s single-subject rules. The
When it comes to global cannabis policy, the United States has set the tone for many decades. Cannabis was first prohibited in the United States in 1937, and since that time the U.S. has imposed its reefer madness will on the rest of the global community. Many countries have willingly gone along with the U.S.’s push for continued prohibition, howev
Southern Oregon wildfires this week have plowed through small towns, leveled hundreds of homes and businesses and now threatens part of the state’s prized – and lucrative – outdoor cannabis crop. Statewide, an estimated 20 percent of state-licensed marijuana businesses – roughly 408 – face some level of evacuation, the Oregon Liquor Control Commiss
Currently, there are 11 states that allow legal recreational use. While this is a huge win, many cultivators and customers know that this victory comes with a price. According to the Tax Policy Center, nine of the legal states are required under federal law to administer taxes based on percentage of retail or wholesale price, weight, and the drug’s
Medicinal cannabis could be purchased over the counter in Australian pharmacies from next year. The Australian Department of Health's Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) announced they intend to make cannabidiol (CBD) medicines available without a prescription. The interim decision was released in a report on Wednesday with a suggested implement
Vicious sports rivalries aside, Michigan and Ohio may soon be working toward a common goal: providing affordable weed for Ohio's medical marijuana patients. Though purchasing and consuming medical marijuana in Michigan is legal for Ohioans, traveling with marijuana products across state lines is not. Yet many registered Ohio patients admit to frequ
Oversupply, pricing headwinds, inventory writedowns, and retail store closures due to COVID-19 containment measures -- these things and more have meant a tough year for the legal marijuana market worldwide. Since the beginning of January, the Horizons Marijuana Life Sciences ETF (TSX:HMMJ) is down 27%. That is an abysmal performance compared with t
A House of Representatives committee voted on Wednesday to approve a bill that would allow researchers to conduct studies using marijuana produced in compliance with regulations in states with legal cannabis. The vote marks the first time a congressional committee has approved a measure to allow scientists to use marijuana produced from sources oth
A new U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) interim rule about CBD and hemp manufacturing has sown distress and confusion in the federally legal industry. Operators say the rule makes it effectively impossible to produce CBD products legally. On his blog, North Carolina cannabis lawyer Rod Kight wrote that the new rule “threatens to destroy” t
There’s a lot of anecdotal evidence on marijuana use and studying. Does this practice provide any benefits? Marijuana is the average co-ed’s drug of choice. While a lot of people encounter cannabis when they’re younger, it’s not until college that their stoner persona solidifies. New college students are entering a stage where they’re able to smoke
Cannabis has a positive effect in taming inflammation and a myriad of ailments associated with swelling. While inflammation is the cause of many maladies, it’s also sometimes the remedy. It accounts for back pain, arthritis flare ups, headaches, bowel disorders and even an increase in heart disease. Alzheimer’s is yet another affliction associated
Indian temples that allow using cannabis during specific celebrations to achieve enlightenment may need to rethink their practices if police in the state of Belagavi make good on their pledge to crack down on such uses. “We’re now starting to crack down wherever it is available,” Raichur SP Prakash Nityam said of cannabis everywhere in the country.