Cannabis, also known as weed or marijuana, is used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Although restricted in most countries, the increasing legalization of cannabis for recreational and medicinal consumption means that cannabis use is rising. Cannabis is also the most common illicit drug used by pregnant women, but the effects of cannabis
MJBizDaily released a report on October 4 called “Women & Minorities in the Cannabis Industry,” which reviews new statistics about female and people of color executives and business owners in the cannabis industry. According to MJBizDaily’s findings, the percentage of women and minorities in executive level positions in the cannabis industry have d
These are curious days in Europe on the recreational cannabis question. On one hand, the stated intentions of both Portugal and Luxembourg to establish recreational markets as early as next year and certainly by 2023 has been on the drawing board for the past three years. On the other, as the clock ticks down to the final quarter of 2021, politicia
 Trulieve, the state’s largest medical marijuana operator, is now the nation’s biggest cannabis retailer, after closing on a $2.1 billion deal to acquire former competitor Harvest Health & Recreation Inc. The transaction marks a major development in Florida, where Harvest held one of 22 licenses to cultivate, process and sell medical marijuana to a
CBD Oracle (Tustin, CA), a cannabis review and news site, has published an analysis of 520 CBD companies, representing over 20,000 products. The study sought to uncover issues with transparency in the unregulated CBD marketplace, which can threaten consumer trust. According to a survey from Consumer Brands Association, 92% of American consumers eit
Unlicensed cannabis is not as strong as you may think it is.  That's according to a recently published study by the New Brunswick Research and Productivity Council. Researchers comparing samples of illicit and legal cannabis products found that the claims of potency for illicit products were significantly less accurate.   The RPC's chief officer of
 Over the past several years, there has been a significant increase in the number of cannabis cultivators in the U.S. as the government is now accepting more applications for cannabis cultivators. In addition, the number of applications for which cannabis is prescribed is increasing. This is expected to increase cannabis sales, and thereby open new
 While the lack of federal legalization has made some investors hesitant to add cannabis companies to their portfolios, Intrinsic Capital Partners sees that as one of the things that makes the cannabis investment space so attractive. It’s a hyper-growth market, projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 26.5% over the next decade.
Following 11 months of collaborative dialogue, the Santa Barbara County Coalition for Responsible Cannabis (Coalition) and CARP Growers reached a historic agreement on Aug. 20, ensuring cannabis farms work in cooperation with the community group to resolve odor issues in a proactive and cooperative way across Carpinteria Valley. The agreement holds
Today, the Cannabis Freedom Alliance (CFA) added a new class of membership, Values Members, who share a vision with CFA of ending prohibition in a manner consistent with helping all Americans achieve their full potential and limiting the number of barriers that inhibit innovation and entrepreneurship in a free and open market; and three new working
A former federal law enforcement officer turned Pennsylvania lawmaker became the second Republican state senator to publicly endorse legalizing recreational marijuana in the Keystone State. York County state Sen. Mike Regan, the chairman of the Senate Law and Justice Committee, circulated a co-sponsorship memo late Monday to colleagues soliciting s
  It’s not always easy to tell when your feline is stressed, but cats can be as anxiety-prone as people. Additionally, many aging cats start to experience joint pain and overall discomfort caused by conditions such as arthritis. CBD products can offer a plethora of benefits to your furry friend. If you're looking for a great CBD product to soothe y
Six months after New York legalized marijuana for recreational use, the state is finally getting down to the business of setting the rules for growing, processing and selling it — and ensuring the “social equity” provisions written into the law. The first meeting of the state’s new Cannabis Control Board, which will also regulate non-THC cannabis l
Pop superstar Justin Bieber has made a foray into the legal marijuana industry through a partnership to produce a line of pre-rolled joints with California cannabis company Palms Premium that was announced on Monday. Meanwhile, however, cannabis advocates are weary about the number of celebrities waltzing into the industry without paying their dues
High as a Kite: A Guide to Marijuana is not, as its many co-authors have stressed, “a guide to growing marijuana” but “a collaborative effort by creatives to showcase the beauty of cannabis through tattoos.” Here’s another way of putting it: High as a Kite, a collection of cannabis-related tattoo art collected from across the country, is an extreme
Wisconsin representatives upped the ante on punishments for cannabis extraction, comparing dangerous manufacturing practices to the meth-making process. In some Wisconsin lawmakers’ eyes, extracts are entirely different from cannabis flower, and the use and manufacturing of them should be punished accordingly. Wisconsin Examiner reports that on Sep
If you're looking for stocks that you can buy and hold for many years, it's important to choose companies with high-quality businesses and strong catalysts for growth. One industry that receives ample attention from investors of all ages and trading styles is the marijuana sector. As more states have legalized pot for medical and recreational purpo
American Cannabis Company, Inc.(OTCQB: AMMJ) (“ACC” or “Company”), a full-service business-to-business cannabis and hempconsulting solutions provider and licensed owner operator, is pleased to announce that itsproprietary potting mix, SoHum Living Soils®, was recently awarded an official certification fromthe Organic Materials Review Institute (OMR
According to a research study published by the University Of New Mexico and Releaf App in the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine, cannabis flower may be effective in providing immediate relief for the symptoms of depression — a condition affecting roughly 1 in 5 adults in the U.S., and often leading to other ailments like cancer, substance use di