Arizona residents with low-level marijuana convictions can have their records wiped clean under a state expungement program launched this week. The expungements for minor cannabis convictions are being issued in accordance with Proposition 207, the 2020 ballot initiative to legalize marijuana for adults that was passed by 60 percent of the state’s
Just prior to a press conference on July 14, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, Senate Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden and Senator Cory Booker released the details of their long-awaited cannabis reform bill, entitled the “Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act.” The bill provides a widespread plan to regulate cannabis on multiple level
Adult-use cannabis in Missouri could be on the horizon, as a local coalition has filed a petition to legalize. The group, Fair Access Missouri, is seeking to legalize cannabis for adults of legal age and create an “open-use market.”  The group’s hope is that legal cannabis will help boost and support the economy and create much-needed jobs in the s
When Matt Cyrus grew about 30 acres of hemp on his central Oregon hay and cattle farm four years ago, the cannabis plants — rich in cannabidiol, or CBD, a trendy wellness product — sold for about $40 a pound. That earned him a tidy profit. He planted 90 acres in 2019, hoping to make even more money. Thousands of conventional farmers, marijuana grow
CHARLESTON COUNTY, S.C. (WCIV) — Big changes could be coming to a South Carolina industry that’s still in its infancy. Hemp farmers are excited about what the possibility of making marijuana legal could mean for both businesses and consumers. The hemp industry got its start in South Carolina back in 2017. Only a few years off the ground, it now cou
A syndrome that appears to affect some regular users of cannabis is making headlines again  – “scromiting”. So, what is it? The USA’s NBC news is reporting the case of a young man who presented to hospital 11 times for the same issue: severe vomiting that lasted for hours accompanied by screaming. The teen was a cannabis user. Scenarios such as thi
Effective today, recreational marijuana is legal for personal use in Connecticut. Your employees might think that this means they have free reign to use marijuana in the workplace. They would be wrong. In fact, the new law provides employers with significant authority to prohibit marijuana use in the workplace and punish marijuana use outside of th
Governor Polis is being faced with a lawsuit over House Bill 1317, a bill that negatively affected students who were meant to benefit from the law that allows cannabis use by medical patients in public schools.  Benjamin Wann, a cannabis patient, and his parents, Amber and Brad, supported Polis back in May when he signed the law that expanded acces
Purple cannabis is an umbrella term for a growing family of strains that share a colour as much as they share a distinct taste, smell and stony effect. Purple is the colour of royalty, so it’s the perfect shade for a classic strain of cannabis that anyone who calls themselves a connoisseur should know. Here’s everything one should know about Purple
You’ve got to be prepared to come face-to-face with numerous options of medical marijuana products to choose from. After some thorough discussion and debate, many states are now recognizing the viability of medical marijuana to help treat and alleviate the symptoms of several health problems. Of course, this isn’t to say the use of medical marijuan
“The Federal Government’s current approach is a half-in, half-out regime that simultaneously tolerates and forbids local use of marijuana. This contradictory and unstable state of affairs strains basic principles of federalism and conceals traps for the unwary. [...] If the Government is now content to allow States to act ‘as laboratories’ ‘and try
  Cannabidiol, or CBD, is relied on by the British and Irish Lions fly-half, the two-time All Black World Cup winner, and the former Scotland lock - among many others - to manage the pain inflicted by the brutality of the sport.     Why are players using it? Rugby is one of the most physically demanding sports there is. And, with players getting bi
Senate Democrats, including Majority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York, plan to reveal a draft bill Wednesday to end the federal prohibition on marijuana — a move that comes as 18 states have already legalized pot for recreational use. "The Senate has to catch up with the American people," Schumer said. President Joe Biden supports decriminalizing m
CBD is the second most common active component in marijuana. CBD is extracted directly from the hemp plant, which is a relative of the marijuana plant and is an important component of medicinal marijuana. Despite the fact that CBD is a component of marijuana, it has no hallucinogenic effects on the human mind. "In people, CBD displays no effects su
Tennessee just turned heads in the cannabis world by introducing a 2022 legalization bill.  A lawmaker introduced this bill to the 2022 ballot. Representative Bruce Griffey, a Republican from District 75, is behind the bill, known as House Bill 1634.  The bill will require county election commissions to each include three questions related to legal
“This isn’t trivial — a decline in opioid-related emergency department visits, even if only for six months, is a welcome public health development." A new study out of the University of Pittsburgh has found U.S. states with legal recreational cannabis witness a short-term decline in opioid-related emergency department (ED) visits. Data from Califor
Pretty much every other day, we’re finding about some new part, or some new invention, of the cannabis plant. One of the more interesting ones to make news recently? THC-O-Acetate. Here, we’ll go into what this psychedelic compound is, how THC-O-Acetate was discovered, and the military abuses that went along with it. The psychedelic THC-O-Acetate s
With the touch of a button, CBD buyers in the Miami suburb of Doral, Florida can now have their hemp-based products automatically dispensed into their hands. The Wellness Pantry, developed by cannabis tech firm Cultiva, allows people who download a free app from the company on their mobile phones to buy CBD remotely and pick up the products from a
Since the first legal cannabis market came to be, we’ve had a bit of a chicken or egg conundrum… you can buy weed legally, but might not have anywhere to consume it legally. Most states have laws against public cannabis consumption, so you can only smoke on private property. If you live in said state, that’s no problem. But say you’re visiting Vega