Members of Illinois’ medical marijuana industry say they’re disappointed by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ move to allow more aggressive enforcement of marijuana laws — but business operators maintain existing laws will protect them.


Canadian marijuana company Aurora Cannabis Inc on Thursday decided to partner with Danish tomato and pepper producer Alfred Pedersen & Son to produce and sell cannabis in Europe.


“Jeff Sessions is an old dinosaur with old ideas,” said one dispensary customer. “We have a younger, newer, more educated population who will vote that out. It won’t last."


Curbs on studies have limited understanding of marijuana’s therapeutic mechanisms, but political pressure and a shift in research could soon shed light.


The Vermont House of Representatives has rejected two attempts to slow marijuana legalization, first by refusing to delay a vote and then by rejecting an amendment that would have delayed legalization to July 2019.


As Canada moves towards legal recreational weed in July, the number of licensed growers has swelled to 84, production is skyrocketing, and research into new growing techniques and improved strains is increasing exponentially.


Cannabis could be the key to treating traumatic brain injuries (TBI) that are taking their toll on the lives of professional athletes and Americans in general.


Marijuana culture has a language all its own.


Much attention has been paid to the prospects for ending marijuana prohibition this year in Vermont and New Jersey. But another state has a shot to advance a cannabis legalization bill through its legislature — and it could happen this week.


Although there are varying levels of toleration of personal use of the drug, no EU country has legalised cannabis so far, says the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA). However, there are signs that some European countries are moving in that direction.


"We're going to see bigger names in Hollywood branding cannabis," says one expert, with only morality clauses — and the federal government — impeding the way.


A Canadian company plans to launch a large, industrial hemp operation in northern Maine this year in the latest sign of burgeoning interest in the versatile yet tightly regulated crop.


New Jersey could reap as much as $1 billion a year from legal marijuana — the equivalent of more than a half-cent boost in the sales tax — if the state taxes the industry aggressively and imposes fees on growers, distributors, testing labs, retailers and delivery services, according to projections by a law firm.


The new year is bringing a green opportunity for local cannabis dispensaries.


The legal marijuana market could blaze across the United States in 2018.


The Golden State is about to get a lot greener. Sales of recreational marijuana began on Monday, January 1, after Californians voted to legalize the drug in the 2016 election.


From designer vape pens to subscription boxes, here's what we saw growing in popularity this year.


Kings Royal announced just a few months ago that it had selected Kentucky for the location of this plant because of Kentucky’s great potential for growing hemp.


We took a look at some of the most impactful studies in medical cannabis, specifically those relating to CBD.