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With a potential value of more than $40 billion, Europe’s medical marijuana market could become the world’s largest in the next five years.


A bipartisan group of members of Congress is asking House and Senate leadership to continue a current provision that protects state medical marijuana laws from federal interference.


Wisconsin has the potential to become America’s Hempland after Gov. Scott Walker signs a bill allowing the state’s farmers to grow industrial hemp, experts say.


From trendy chocolates that contain CBD oil to more funding for the medical use of cannabis, here are some of the marijuana-related things you might see in 2018.


What do you do if you’re a budding awards show trying to create a buzz around Canada’s $8.7-billion cannabis market?

Money Drying Up In Marijuana Law Suit1

A Republican senator from a state where marijuana is legal is pushing this week to give cannabis businesses a measure of tax fairness.


There may be a future for cannabis on Virginia’s farms, though navigating its legal status and crafting regulations are hurdles to contend with before the plant can provide any sort of economic boost.


The majority of registered voters in New York support the legalization of marijuana, according to a new poll released on Monday.


The international market for marijuana is booming. It’s set to reach $50 billion within a decade. And after spending millions to crack down on the drug, Jamaica’s government has decided it wants to cash in.


The Trump administration should carefully consider how legalizing marijuana can help reduce opioid addiction and overdose deaths, Sen. Elizabeth Warren says.


The intersection of marijuana and fashion at one time meant tie-dye shirts, beanies and Birkenstocks.


The comic duo Cheech and Chong, who rose to fame in the 1970s and 80s with routines centered around smoking marijuana, shared an apparent Facebook post by a Standish town councilor advocating for the medicinal use of the drug.


So far it looks like Alberta will be the go-to province for marijuana entrepreneurs lining up to get in on the action when selling pot becomes legal next summer.


TV travel guide Rick Steves is best-known for his mild-mannered jaunts across Europe, but he traveled to Chicago to speak out Tuesday on a favorite side project: legalizing marijuana.


Cannabis is not on the NHL’s list of banned substances because it isn’t considered performance-enhancing. But that doesn’t mean it’s officially condoned.


Three dozen states have removed barriers to hemp production and categorized industrial hemp as an agricultural crop.


An Ontario college is offering a new class it says responds to the growing demand for a skilled professionals to support Canada's expanding medical marijuana industry as legalization looms.


The increase has come amid increasingly visible advocacy from veterans’ groups.