18 states have legalized recreational cannabis. However, smoking in public is still illegal in most of them. But cannabis lounges – i.e., the cannabis equivalent of smoking rooms, but cooler – have started to pop up in states across the nation. Wondering where you can find one? We got the scoop.   What Are Cannabis Lounges? Cannabis lounges are p
Grammy-winning Reggae superstar Ziggy Marley took to Instagram to blast the Singapore Government over plans to execute a man for marijuana possession. The Singaporean man, Omar Yacob Bamadhaj, 41, was sentenced to death by hanging in February after authorities found him with 2 pounds of cannabis, which is considered a Grade A drug in the Southeast
Don't worry, it's not to just one guy. That would be a bit extreme, even if one were to apply Cheech & Chong standards to the equation. No, those sales have gone to lots of Illinois residents...and quite a few have gone to our Midwestern neighbors (Wisconsin, we're looking at you). The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (I
Pumpkin spice flavoring has infiltrated almost everything we taste from September through November, including extracted cannabis. Revel, a line of THC vaping products from Colorado dispensary chain Native Roots, has been adding various fruit flavors like blueberry and grape to THC distillate for some time, but the brand is now diving into more seas
South Carolina is the latest state where public officials are speaking out against delta-8 THC.  South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) Chief Mark A. Keel recently wrote a letter to his attorney general’s office expressing his belief that state law criminalizes the possession and distribution of delta-8. Assistant Attorney General David Jon
With some states legalizing the use of cannabis, the social stigma on the subject may start to loosen up. Today, cannabis seems to have become more popular and accessible to people. In fact, there are fitness gurus and athletes who even start to speak of its benefits. Nowadays, some fitness enthusiasts incorporate cannabis before or after their wor
State Rep. Bob Morgan has filed legislation that would prohibit businesses from refusing to hire or firing workers for testing positive for cannabis. House Bill 4116 states that an employer may not refuse to hire someone or discipline an employee for a positive drug test for THC as long as it is not affecting his or her work performance. The law wo
Over the last decade or so, as marijuana acceptance has steadily increased, consumers have had more options from which to choose as far as consumption methods go. Nowadays, many cannabis consumers can simply take a stroll into their local dispensary and be greeted by a smorgasbord of edibles, cartridges, extracts and tinctures.Although they’re rela
 USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service has begun sending its first Hemp Acreage and Production Survey to 566 Illinois producers. The hemp survey will collect information on the total planted and harvested area, yield, production, and value of hemp in the United States. “The Hemp Acreage and Production Survey will provide critical data abo
When you are too close to any open flame, the pain acts as a warning system. When your skin, joints, muscles, or other organs are damaged, pain prompts you to seek medical attention. It is a generally acknowledged sensation felt in subtle ways or as potent and more piercing sensations. This warning sign is frequently beneficial since it encourages
As a nutritionist and the co-founder of the Holistic Cannabis Academy, I get asked a lot of unsolicited questions about food and cannabis. After all, we imbue all of our social interactions with food. As a society, we have become intrigued with food and everything that pertains to it including cooking and, of course, my favorite topic — nutrition.
As winter approaches, so does the need to preserve the last of nature’s harvests before the arrival of the first frost. Cannabis is harvested throughout the year, but it is crucial to always preserve buds as best as possible upon purchasing. Whether you procured the last ounce of a favorite strain, or take your time getting through your supply, pre
Cannabis brands and fans alike often run into having their account deleted, banned or suppressed in some fashion. With cannabis-specific platforms still not earning substantial memberships, the industry is left to scramble from platform to platform in an attempt to connect with enthusiasts, buyers, investors, media and other crucial members. Most s
The Michigan Cannabis Manufacturers Association is encouraging its members to provide free or low-cost cannabis products to patients with severe or terminal illnesses. MCMA’s Board of Directors unanimously passed a resolution last week that asks member companies to create a program to ensure seriously ill patients have access to low- or no-cost can
The upcoming informational meeting and vote to decide whether Ludlow will allow a retail cannabis dispensary has been led by Andi Goldman and Meredith Milliken, the duo behind Gotta Love Ludlow, whose mission is to educate residents about cannabis for health and wellness as well as financial benefits for the town of Ludlow. Their presentation to th
There are so many different opinions on what the best way to consume marijuana is and as a result, it can be challenging for the average person to know what they should do. Some people believe that smoking marijuana is the way to go, while others believe that edibles are a better option. It seems with so many opinions that there is no right answer,
On Friday, the newest cannabis SPAC Achari Ventures Holdings Corp. I announced the pricing of its initial public offering of 10,000,000 units at a price of $10.00 per unit. The units are expected to be listed on the Nasdaq Global Market and trade under the ticker symbol “AVHIU” beginning October 15, 2021. Original link
If there’s one truth in life, it’s that weed can grow just about anywhere. Backyards,  greenhouses, basements, rolling hills and acres of farms in every state, and even prisons. Well, a former prison, anyway. One of the nation’s leading cannabis operators, Green Thumb Industries will open a modern ‘cannabis campus’ on the site of a former federal p
 Five years ago, California’s approval of Proposition 64 opened the door to recreational marijuana and budding new local economies. The proposition was billed as a win for increased tax revenues, entrepreneurship, jobs and the hope of beating back marijuana’s long-established and vast illicit cannabis market. Original link