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Was the 'pipe-weed' in Lord of the Rings cannabis?
Cannabis News
Consider that Hobbits are peaceful, big on gardening and possess what could only be described as voracious appetites. It may be a bit of a stretch, but a recent article on the Comic Book Resources (CBR) website suggests those smoke-loving Hobbits familiar to all fans of The Lord of the Rings may be opting for a bit of green in their regularly lit p
Mike Tyson's Cannabis Products 'Personally Tested And Approved' By The Legendary Boxer Reach California
Business & Finance
Legendary heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson’s cannabis brand is now available in California. His cannabis company Tyson 2.0 confirmed Tuesday that its premium quality cannabis line is now available at more than 100 retailers across The Golden State. (Originally posted by Benzinga)  “We are focused on bringing Tyson 2.0 premium cannabis products to retai
Marijuana advocates cautiously optimistic about cannabis infrastructure bill
Rep. Sue Errington's bill wouldn't legalize or decriminalize pot, but it would create a commission for possible legalization in the future. Marijuana advocates are hopeful a cannabis infrastructure bill will have a chance during the 2022 legislative session. Rep. Sue Errington, D-Muncie, is working on the bill. She filed a similar one last year. Sh
4 Tips For Safely Sharing Weed During Flu Season
Cannabis News
Don’t let flu season keep you from sharing your stash. There are safe ways of enjoying cannabis with loved ones this season without getting sick. Making it through the pandemic without contracting COVID only to end up with the flu is a nightmare for millions of Americans as flu season gets underway. The risk of contracting the flu is even higher fo
‘Zero tolerance’ warning over medicinal cannabis
Cannabis News
A warning has been issued by a local medical cannabis clinic that it will ban patients trying to use what it called ‘underhand’ means to try to obtain ‘double medication’. Medicann – which operates clinics in Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man – recently posted a statement on Facebook after what it described as a ‘potential issue’ affecting one o
Whoopi Goldberg CBD Gummies Reviews – Is it Fake Gummies Or Trusted?
Cannabis News
Whoopi Goldberg CBD Gummies Being in good physical and mental health is essential to living an active and healthy life as you get older. Mental and physical well-being is a blessing that most individuals begin to lack as they become older. Ailments, which wreak havoc on a person’s internal organs and make them seem and feel old, are the primary cau
Lamar Marijuana Ballot Survives Challenge
“The Elections Division of the Secretary of State’s Office (Division) moves the Deputy Secretary of State to dismiss the above-entitled Lobbyist Complaint on the grounds that Complainant failed to specifically identify violations of Colorado lobbyist laws under section 24-6-301, et seq, C.R.S.” Belinda Sturges approached the Lamar City Council duri
High school buddies launch CBD company in Sandston
Business & Finance
A trio of old high school buddies are behind a new player in the local CBD scene. VA Harvest, which sells CBD extracts and cremes in stores and online, launched in November. The company has a budding retail presence, with products on shelves at grocery store Ellwood Thompson’s and Fan wellness store Blossom RVA, co-founder Bill Wingfield said. The
A lot more drugs are being confiscated in Colorado prisons as inmates die from overdoses
Cannabis News
The Colorado Department of Corrections is asking the legislature for money to create a K-9 team that detect narcotics coming into state prisons Prison staff had no idea what was happening when an inmate suddenly lost consciousness at the Limon Correctional Facility in May. It turned out the man was overdosing from fentanyl that had been snuck into
A Michigan company is expanding in Missouri’s burgeoning marijuana market
Business & Finance
Missouri’s cannabis industry continues to attract businesses and create jobs. A multistate company based in Michigan is opening a cannabis processing facility this month in St. Louis. It is also partnering with another company on a cultivation operation in O’Fallon. “I think Missouri is a rather competitive market,” said C3 Industries CEO Ankur Run
Cannabis Is Starting to Get Hit by Supply-Chain Shortages
Business & Finance
Lunar New Year is a looming threat Getting basic materials like ceramics, stainless steel and computer chips from China has gotten so difficult that its about to hit one of the few industries that has so far been insulated from supply-chain woes: U.S. cannabis. Original link
Greenville planners send marijuana rules to council
Ordinances would permit medical marijuana but continue to prohibit adult-use A series of ordinances that will regulate the commercial sale, growing, processing and more of medical and adult-use marijuana will now make their way to the Greenville City Council. However, not everyone in the community — from residents to business owners both opposed an
Betting on themselves, sisters-in-law open Pepperell’s first cannabis dispensary
Business & Finance
Nearly two years after they made their initial pitch to the Select Board, sisters-in-law Priyanka and Tejal Patel finally saw their dream made a reality as they opened Uma Flowers, Pepperell’s first recreational cannabis store last week. Opening ceremony and ribbon cutting for Uma Flowers, Pepperell’s first cannabis dispensary, from left, Select Bo
The science behind cannabis and the munchies
Cannabis News
Numerous studies attribute increased appetite to a poor sleep schedule. Having access to favourite meals or snacks is essential to any successful cannabis session. Most people are familiar with the concept of getting the munchies after consuming marijuana, but why it occur still remains a mystery to many. But despite the munchies seeming like one o
Why Marijuana Is Effective For Opioid Recovery
Medical News
The best way to determine whether or not marijuana can play a role in helping patients overcoming opioid addiction is by continuing to closely study the relationship between the two. The devastation the opioid crisis has wrought upon communities throughout the country, especially throughout the pandemic, is immense. Deaths from opioid overdoses ama
An Ogden firefighter is suspended for having a medical marijuana card
The city violated state law when it put the firefighter on unpaid leave for refusing to relinquish his medical cannabis card, according to a lawsuit. Several lawmakers agree. Levi Coleman has been a firefighter for the Ogden City Fire Department for more than a decade. But since September, Coleman has been on unpaid leave from the department, burni
City approves first reading of recreational marijuana ordinance
The ordinance excludes retail sale of recreational marijuana. City Council accepted the first reading of a recreational marijuana ordinance that excludes retail sales at its Dec. 7 meeting. Last summer Origins Cannabis approached the city about opening a cultivation facility at the old Moss Tent building. The Planning Board drafted the ordinance in
Hemp Sourced Lignin for Grid Backup Batteries
Despite the US federal government’s traditional disdain for certain cannabis ingredients and byproducts, recent research and development indicates that large storage batteries made from a water-based electrolyte and lignin polymers—the substances gluing fibers together in hemp and in wood that give it stiffness—can be substituted in many cases for
Police seize crack cocaine and marijuana in search of residence
The Wayne County Drug Task Force and the Richmond Police Department SWAT team seized about $3,500 worth of crack cocaine and marijuana during a raid on Wednesday at a residence in the 200 block of North 17th Street. Police went in with a search warrant as part of an ongoing drug task force investigation into the resident, Milleta Carpenter, accordi