Week 12 of Operation Hammer Strike resulted in 22 search warrants, 204 greenhouses eradicated, and 26 arrests, officials said. Between November 15, 2021, and November 21, 2021, investigators from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department – Marijuana Enforcement Team (MET), along with San Bernardino Sheriff’s deputies from several different pat
Want some educational engagement over the holidays? Look no further than these weed documentaries that exhibit the bigger picture of the complicated relationship between the U.S. and cannabis. Part of the process of becoming a conscious stoner is to be aware of how the 2010s were a decade of enormous victories for the free marijuana movement worldw
Mike Tyson has accepted an invitation to become Malawi's official cannabis ambassador. The former world heavyweight champion, 55, has been selling cannabis products since 2016 through his Tyson Holistic label. But now he is set to become the face of the drug in Malawi after agreeing to the offer from Agriculture Minister Lobin Low. Low said: "Malaw
Las Vegas hopes to become a pioneer in creating public consumption spaces. Planet 13’s cannabis “superstore” on the Strip has 30,000 square feet of retail space alongside a cafe, a bar and a marijuana processing center, all behind a glass wall where customers can see the various contraptions used for making cannabis products. But there’s one thing
Hemp Meadows and Denim Skye are lifelong musicians who have been married for 35 years. Denim sang in a church choir and school musicals in her hometown of Washington, DC. She got her first guitar when she was 13 and played in local bands. A division of Filmways Corporation recruited Denim to Los Angeles to form a psychedelic folk trio. After her fo
The East Hampton Town Board, as expected, voted unanimously last Thursday to opt out of allowing cannabis retail dispensaries or on-site consumption licenses.  New York State legalized adult use of cannabis with the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act in March, creating an Office of Cannabis Management to oversee and implement the law. If a munic
Former UFC middleweight fighter Elias Theodorou will return to the octagon on December 18th. But, he will not only be fighting another athlete; he is also making history as he knocks out cannabis from the prohibited substance list in sport in the U.S. “The Spartan” is set to face Bryan Baker in the main event of Colorado Combat Club 10. And in a hi
The Brighton Board of Education Monday night unanimously approved a resolution asking that the local governing bodies prohibit a marijuana dispensing facility within their jurisdictions. That includes the city of Brighton and the surrounding municipalities of Genoa Twp., Green Oak Twp., Hamburg Twp. and Brighton Twp. The vote to formally adopt the
A ‘world first’ trial assessing a cannabis-based drug to treat an aggressive form of brain cancer is to go ahead, a charity has announced. Members of the public backed an appeal by the Brain Tumour Charity to raise £400,000 to fund the three-year trial. Olympic champion Tom Daley also backed the campaign. The gold medal-winning diver’s father Rober
A group of entrepreneurs and social justice advocates believes it is poised to become Woodstock’s first recreational marijuana dispensary once the state opens applications for licenses for such facilities. “We want a dispensary that Woodstock could be proud of, and that’s a good neighbor and contributes to the town. We just decided in order to have
U.S.-wide study found cannabis use tripled; may highlight unmet needs in pain control and mental health Cannabis use among people with rheumatic diseases (RMDs) tripled between 2014 and 2019. That's according to the first US-wide study designed to evaluate the prevalence of cannabis use in a large population of people with RMDs. The findings appear
In a sense, it's a perfect venue for all things marijuana. Reddit isn’t all trolls and memes, although that’s a significant portion of the traffic. It’s no surprise then that the most popular post in the history of the r/trees subreddit is about someone’s parents accidentally eating cannabutter and having a meltdown. It received more than 64,000 up
A locally-owned cannabis shop is handing out free turkeys to anyone in Grand Rapids this Thanksgiving-eve. Pharmhouse Wellness is on the city’s west side. Its owners, and a number of staff, previously faced charges for marijuana, before it was legal. “We’ve actually gotten in trouble with cannabis-related charges,” says Megan Smith, inventory manag
The proposed fines represent the latest salvo in the FAA’s attempt to crack down on unruly passengers on planes A passenger on a short flight across California faces a more than $40,000 fine for his drunken behavior, which included assaulting a flight attendant and smoking marijuana in the bathroom, the Federal Aviation Administration said. The pas
Small-holder farmers meant to benefit from South Africa’s new cannabis dispensation to unlock a potentially huge economic sector may be left out in the cold because of stringent regulatory requirements.  At the end of October, the Agriculture Land Reform and Rural Development Department announced the opening of applications for hemp cultivation per
Eighty-six percent of North American family offices report that their wealth increased over 2020 and 2021, well ahead of the global average of 79%, according to a recent study from Campden Research. These family offices’ assets under management grew by 58%, just three percentage points below the global average.  They were also more likely then fami
As more and more states are voting in favor of recreational and/or medical marijuana, it makes sense people would grow curious about the drug’s potential health benefits. But there are some conflicting viewpoints out there: Some tout THC's pain-relieving qualities and ability to help with seizure disorders, PTSD, and other neurological conditions,
Massachusetts had already legalized medical marijuana when voters were faced with another question in late 2016: whether to legalize cannabis for recreational use. The vote wasn’t close, sailing through on talk of jobs, tax revenue, and, well, people wanting to light up legally. Reality doesn’t always live up to promise, but in this case, it has. Y
Black Friday is expected to bring in another $88 million, up 71% from daily average sales. It will likely become another top 10 sales day for 2021.The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, sometimes called “Green Wednesday” due to the high cannabis sales figures usually registered on that date, could be the second-highest sales day of the year. In fact, a