LONG BRANCH - The mayor and council have introduced zoning rules for cannabis businesses within city limits.  The rules, if adopted, will limit the areas in the city where cannabis businesses can set up shop, and set the available licenses to one each for each of the six marketplace classes of cannabis businesses allowed by state law. It will also 
Leon County Commissioners scheduled a workshop for this spring that looks to explore alternatives to arrest for people caught with small amounts of marijuana.  The issue has been on the wish list for several years and has had some success already after a 2018 program launched by State Attorney Jack Campbell aimed at issuing civil citations for such
Some cannabis companies are still openly opposing home grows. Will they end up on the wrong side of history? Home grows are the grassroots of the cannabis reform movement. Therefore with legalization, many advocates and patients believe it’s essential for individuals to have a right to cultivate their own plants, especially in a regulated market. H
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) and two other Democratic senators sent a letter on Tuesday to President Biden pressing him to make good on campaign promises and pardon federal nonviolent cannabis convictions.  “After over a century of failed and racist cannabis policies, we write to urge a change of course: we request that you use your executive auth
The House of Representatives approved a massive infrastructure bill late Friday, which includes allowing researchers to study marijuana purchased from state-licensed dispensaries. The legislation is now heading to President Joe Biden’s desk. (article originally appeared on Benzinga) The bill will allow scientists to study research cannabis that is
A large majority of Americans are in favor on cannabis legalization. The time is now to tell our lawmakers that we have ‘Cannabis in Common.’ Headcount, a non-partisan organization that strives to get people registered to vote through music, has announced a new effort to legalize cannabis on a federal level and clear the records of thousands of peo
Following the green light from the USDA, hemp should finally (legally) appear Idaho fields again next year. Idaho was the last US state to have a ban on hemp cultivation. In April this year, the state’s senate voted in favour of HB 126, the Industrial Hemp Research and Development Act. HB 126 was subsequently signed into law by Governor Brad Little
Regulations establishing New York State’s Cannabinoid Hemp Program make things very clear on the issue of Delta-8 THC. But this doesn’t mean it’s game over for the controversial cannabinoid. Delta-8 THC can be created by manipulating hemp-derived cannabidiol. Its legality at a federal level is a topic of some heated debate, with a perceived loophol
After months of uncertainty, officials announced Monday that qualified medical cannabis patients in South Dakota are now able to apply for a patient card. Eligible patients in South Dakota can officially file applications to receive a medical cannabis card under a new law that has had a clumsy rollout. A notice posted Monday on a state government w
A cannabis substance known as Delta-8 has become temporarily legal in Texas after retailers challenged a ban in court. Delta-8, short for Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol, is a compound found in the Cannabis sativa plant that is known to have psychoactive effects. Cannabis producers can concentrate Delta-8 and sell it in various forms, including as Del
ALLEGANY — Eight residents attended a public hearing Tuesday called by the Allegany Town Board for input on on marijuana retail dispensaries and consumption sites. The consensus from the public was not to opt out of the licensing of the cannabis dispensaries because of the potential tax revenue involved. Supervisor James Hitchcock said the board wa
COLDWATER, Mich. (WANE) — Heading up the interstate, drivers are most likely used to seeing signs for hotels, restaurants or insurance companies. But, since about two years ago, if you’re driving north past the Angola exit on Interstate 69, you’ll see a handful of billboards advertising marijuana dispensaries that are just over the state border in
After its first two meetings, in which the nascent Cannabis Control Board focused on New York’s medical marijuana program, all eyes were on hemp in meeting No. 3.  Board member and former state Sen. Jen Metzger gave a brief history of the cannabinoid hemp industry, and hinted at what future changes might look like under the new agency structure. Th
Trying marijuana for the first time? Here’s how to get that high you’re seeking. Smoking marijuana is the most popular and readily-available way of consuming weed, especially for first-timers. Still, you’d be surprised by the amount of misinformation that people believe, even those who’ve used weed for long periods of time. We’ve made a list of the
You'd be making much more than if you had invested in an index fund. When you're evaluating which stocks are worth holding for decades, it pays to look at a company's past performance so that you can judge its merits. In the case of an up-and-coming business like Innovative Industrial Properties, (NYSE:IIPR) sometimes a couple of years is all it ta
Surfside Solutions Inc. ("Surfside"), an end-to-end marketing technology that aggregates first-party data across all customer touchpoints, today announced a new solution for cannabis brands looking to drive and track sales at dispensaries that stock their products. Original link
No, President Biden Cannot Legalize Weed or Deschedule It with an Executive Order. Interesting paper out this week by a group called the Congressional Research Service about whether President Biden can legalize marijuana all by himself, or at least deschedule it all by himself, hence, de facto legalizing it if you are familiar with the industry.  W
Cannabis does not need to have a large carbon footprint, but it does, and it’s not going away anytime soon. Weed really does grow “like a weed” in some parts of the country. As states legalize medical and recreational marijuana, however, most natural growing has been tossed aside and replaced with energy-laden practices. Some farming techniques use
Rare Cannabinoid Company has launched a new website designed to help hemp and cannabis consumers learn how specific rare cannabinoids and terpenes may improve their mental and physical health. The website - rarecannabinoidco.com - offers a wealth of information and links to scientific research on THCV, CBDV, CBN, CBG, CBC, CBDA, CBD, Delta-8-THC an