A look at the impact of Missouri's medical marijuana program one year in. ST. LOUIS — Waking up early, taking his grandson to school, running errands and relaxing with his dog. Larry Simpson’s daily rituals are pretty routine for a 73-year-old retiree in Sunset Hills, Missouri. “Midafternoon I want to go in my chair in there and read my book,” he
A clash of cannabis laws hovers over the mysterious May seizure of $165,620 in Missouri medical marijuana-generated cash by federal agents with the Drug Enforcement Administration. The money was being delivered across Kansas — where state law considers marijuana entirely illegal — and on its way to its final destination in a credit union in Colorad
Ray Warthen, a fifth-generation Black farmer, has his eye on Florida’s burgeoning $1 billion medical marijuana cash crop. He’s already made a mark in Orlando’s Parramore neighborhood, transforming a city lot into a community farm with beehives, bananas, collard greens and other plants. But Warthen and other Black farmers have been left behind in Fl
Detroit could be the next city to make a move when it comes to decriminalizing psychedelics and moving forward into the future. Detroit voters overwhelmingly approved Proposal E on Tuesday, to decriminalize naturally occurring psychedelic drugs including mescaline, ayahuasca, psilocybin and dimethyltryptamine (DMT). Proposal E, which was approved b
Data shows that younger millennials buy more concentrates than any other age group Business intelligence from Akerna (Nasdaq: KERN), a leading enterprise software company and the developer of the most comprehensive technology infrastructure, ecosystem, and compliance gateway powering the global cannabis industry, analyzed the under 30 age range of
Cross-industry innovation has often proven itself as one of the biggest growth accelerators, for sometimes it takes an outsider perspective to create inside change. Case in point: Vapor Distilled, created by couple Russell Thomas and Kasia Szewczyk, with technology created in their own kitchen in Boulder, Colorado. Thomas started his career in clea
As a premium cannabis vaping hardware brand under FirstUnion Group, MAXCORE provides the highest standard of CBD & THC vaping products for global clients. From start to finish, MAXCORE partners with customers to create trend-setting vaping hardware that is based on unsurpassed engineering and ingenuity, providing products with superior performance
Trulieve Cannabis Corp (OTCMKTS: TCNNF) has reopened three formerly Harvest House of Cannabis branded medical cannabis dispensaries in Miami. The reopening means unrivaled product selection and in-store experience for medical cannabis customers through every step of the process. This supports the company’s ambition of expanding medical cannabis acc
Celebrities are getting into cannabis every week, but do their products even sell better than regular brands? Thousands, if not millions, of individuals, reevaluate their stance on cannabis use each time a popular celebrity comes out in support of the drug. Dozens of these icons globally are influencing millions of their fans to give cannabis a try
Edibles can swing from high to low as far as strength, so what can you do? Homemade edibles are becoming more popular than ever with a lot of people getting creative with cannabis in the kitchen. Undoubtedly, freshly-baked canna-infused brownies do sound appealing which is why homemade edibles are becoming the new trend. However, making edibles wit
Patients with breast cancer are turning to medical marijuana to manage symptoms of their disease and treatment, although conversation with health care teams are not occurring as often. Responses from a recent survey demonstrated that 42% of women with breast cancer reported using medical marijuana to address symptoms related to the disease includin
In the mad scramble to capitalize on the higher demand for weed due to increased legalization, some cultivators have resorted to questionable growing methods. Arguably, the most notorious of these “cultivation hacks” is the use of PGRs. Short for “plant growth regulators,” PGRs are artificial hormones that can alter a plant’s development. The good
To get the most out of your next weed session, be sure to take these tips into consideration. The myth of the lazy stoner is dying a well-deserved death. America is waking up to the fact that cannabis consumers are also productive and valuable members of their communities. They're parents, friends, neighbors, employers, and employees. Yet many cons
Marijuana Stocks And Current Market Activity In November the cannabis sector has continued to see market declines that have left top marijuana stocks at the lowest trading levels seen in 2021. One part of the cannabis sector that has seen a significant drop in value is Canadian cannabis stocks. After reaching new highs in the first quarter Canadian
Just-released results for 2020 say 6 percent of adults aged 65 and over reported using CBD or marijuana in previous seven days. They grew up being told that cannabis could be fatal, or at very least make it hard for them to think clearly. Today’s senior citizens were first-hand witnesses to a one-of-a-kind federal propaganda campaign that for decad
The medical cannabis market is expected to register a compound annual growth rate of 18.4% crossing the value of $33.2 Billion by 2027. While cannabis has a long history of medical use as a pain reliever and antispasmodic agent, for much of the modern era there existed a general lack of awareness among scientists and physicians of its medical benef
More than two in three Americans (68%) support legalizing marijuana, maintaining the record-high level reached last year. Line graph. Americans' support for legalizing marijuana -- trend from 1969 to 2021. Currently, 68% of Americans support legalizing marijuana, unchanged from 2020. Gallup has documented increasing support for legalizing marijuana
Washington counties bordering Idaho had some of the highest cannabis spending per capita. Cannabis sales in Washington continue to grow year over year, according to annual data released last month by the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board. Consumers in Washington spent $1.49 billion on cannabis in the fiscal year ended June 30, up from $1.2
With each passing year, older adults have been getting more and more into marijuana. With that said, there are some potential issues to be aware of. Thanks for marijuana legalization, the herb has been going through a phase of reevaluation. People of all ages are more open to trying it, whether for recreational or medicinal purposes, especially whe