Festival season in Austin has a pretty dope new addition: a one-day festival featuring music and highlighting a cousin of marijuana. The first-ever Texas Hemp Harvest Festival is set for 10 am-11 pm October 23 at Carson Creek Ranch, a 58-acre event venue in eastern Travis County. Musical acts scheduled to perform include Jamaican reggae and hip-hop
The FDA can “emergency approve” vaccines but have taken more than 50-years to admit that cannabis has medical properties. If there’s one thing you can say about the avid cannabis smoker is that they do love their conspiracies. Now, let me get something straight about conspiracies — they do happen. There’s this idea that if you’re a “conspiracy theo
New study finds that patients with neuropathic pain may benefit from cannabis-based medicine or medical cannabis. Cannabis-based medicines (CBM) and medical cannabis (MC) were found to be safe and even displayed some positive effects among patients with neuropathic pain. It’s been suggested that cannabis-based medicines or medical cannabis could po
Few mind-altering substances pair together as harmoniously as coffee and weed.  Whether you’re brewing one of the few THC-infused coffee brands actually available on the market or lighting up a joint with your afternoon espresso, nothing hits quite like a coffee buzz punctuated with a cannabis high. It’s known colloquially as a “Seattle Speedball”
Four years after weed became legal in California for adult recreational use, state law enforcement officials have doubled the amount of illicit marijuana plants seized and eradicated in an annual campaign. California Attorney General Rob Bonta on Monday announced that the California Department of Justice’s annual Campaign Against Marijuana Planting
The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority, or OMMA, released a patient advisory Monday for the state when a specific batch of pot came back positive for the compound THC-O-acetate. In their release acting as a “smoke signal”, the governing agency said it’s a combination that could prove dangerous. They are now looking into how it got into the batch
Pipp Horticulture (a division of Pipp Mobile Storage Systems, Inc.) (“Pipp”), the leading provider of space‐saving, multi‐level mobile cultivation systems, announced today that it has acquired the GGS Group of Companies (“GGS”). Based in Vineland, Ontario, GGS is one of the most recognized names in the Horticulture industry. They have been the lead
Two Ohio House Republicans on Tuesday proposed legalizing marijuana for recreational use in Ohio. In legislation that has not yet been formally introduced, Reps. Jamie Callender and Ron Ferguson pitched a program that would allow Ohioans 21 and older to purchase marijuana from licensed distributors or grow up to six plants in their home. “Adults sh
Romeo Ferraris has introduced a new innovation on its Alfa Romeo Giulias racing in the ETCR using a new hemp fibre body work for the last round of the season at Pau Arnos. “We were looking at ways to innovate and add new technologies, also adding to a better sustainability for the environment,” team manager Antonio Caruccio told TouringCarTimes. “T
Wisconsin is set to become the first state to relinquish authority over its state hemp program to the federal U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). The announced transition will occur on January 1st, 2022. Starting on that date, Wisconsin farmers and hemp processors will have to comply with the final rule on hemp released by USDA earlier this year
Facebook posts shared hundreds of times claim that "marijuana preserved with honey" cures 40 different medical conditions, including Alzheimer's, diabetes and high blood pressure. The posts are misleading; there is no evidence the purported remedy can cure these conditions. Health experts said people should see a doctor if they have health concerns
 Mississippians prepare to protest in front of the governor’s mansion in Jackson, demanding Governor Tate Reeves to call a special session for the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Act. Reeves told lawmakers that if both sides, Republican and Democrat, were able to come to a consensus and draft a bill for a medical cannabis program, he would call a spec
The skeletal system is an essential of the human anatomy. We need our skeletal system to stand erect, to walk properly and function optimally. The sad reality is that, a lot of people take their bone health for granted thereby affecting the skeletal system. For some individuals, poor bone health is caused by the strenuous activities that they engag
Nearly three years after the first medical marijuana dispensary opened in Ohio, slightly over half of the state’s marijuana card holders say they are dissatisfied with the program. Those are the results of a late September report prepared by the Drug Enforcement and Policy Center at Ohio State University's Moritz College of Law, which tracks the st
 A South Carolina teacher was arrested after a student allegedly found and took a pack of marijuana gummies from a classroom prize box, according to the local sheriff’s office. Victoria Farish Weiss, 27, is charged with possession of a Schedule I drug. On Sept. 23, the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department launched an investigation after a report t
In what feels like another lifetime, before COVID-19, there was a different type of lung disease affecting some people. Vape consumers, primarily those who consumed cannabis, were suffering from a disease called EVALI, which caused respiratory and gastrointestinal symptoms. The disease could result in long-lasting damage to the lungs and even death
By now, most people are probably familiar with CBD gummies and vapes, but topicals are slowly beginning to gain popularity, too. They’re easy to find and come in a variety of different forms, from lip balms to lotions. Although the CBD market is currently unregulated by the FDA, CBD products became federally legalized following the passage of the 2
Sen. Mitch McConnell didn’t know what he was doing when he passed the 2018 Farm Bill. The bill included his provision that legalized industrial hemp, a form of cannabis that can be made into a wide variety of products including cannabidiol, a non-intoxicating cannabis compound commonly called CBD. That part was intentional — the law quickly launche
Week after week, thousands of new patients enroll in Missouri’s fast-growing medical marijuana program. Less than a year since the start of retail sales, nearly 150,000 Missourians with cancer, epilepsy, glaucoma and 20 other qualifying conditions can now safely purchase their medicine at any of the more than 150 dispensaries approved to operate so