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Michigan Collects $271 Million In Cannabis Tax Revenue Since 2019
Business & Finance
As the cannabis industry expands, Michigan can expect greater tax revenue. Since 2019, the state has collected about $271 million in adult-use marijuana tax revenue, a website called The Center Square reports:  In March 2021, the Michigan Treasury described what adult-use cannabis taxes collected in fiscal year 2020 will fund: “Aside from the nearl
7 Benefits of Marijuana, Say Doctors
Cannabis News
Six medical reasons why marijuana can be beneficial, according to experts. The number of people turning to marijuana for medical reasons is growing and with good reason. There's been proven benefits to using marijuana such as preventing seizures in patients with autism, which is something CNN's Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta has been
As clock ticks, headwinds build against passage of Mississippi medical marijuana
For some time after the Supreme Court shot down a vote of the people to create a Mississippi medical marijuana, it appeared fait accompli that lawmakers would enact a program, per the “will of the voters.” Legislative leaders got to work over the summer to draft a bill. Gov. Tate Reeves said he would call lawmakers into special session to pass it o
You Got Way Too High — How Can You Bring It Down A Notch?
Cannabis News
If you find yourself with more THC than you bargained for, here’s what can you do to come back down to earth. The holidays are the best times to get stoned and indulge in the best strains of cannabis. Every cannabis user knows that getting high is an enjoyable activity; the downsides only appear when they overindulge or get too high. If you happen
Three tips for saving money on cannabis in the New Year
Cannabis News
Ultimately, there may be no single resource on the market more effective at helping people save money on cannabis than a dry-herb vaporizer. The end of the holidays and the beginning of a new year brings about the urge to make improvements, which is where New Year’s resolutions come into play — and saving money is typically among the most common. S
Little Known Supplies That Are Essential For Keeping Glass Accessories Clean
Cannabis News
After your glass accessories have been properly cleaned with these items, don’t be surprised when they feel like entirely new devices! One of the most effective ways to consume cannabis from both an economic and an enjoyment standpoint is with a nice bowl or bong. The problem is that when they aren’t cleaned properly, it can lead to toxins like mol
2 Stocks That Could Turn $10,000 Into $50,000 by 2025
Business & Finance
This high-growth duo could deliver jaw-dropping returns over the next three years. Since the end of the Great Recession in 2009, growth stocks have been a powerful force on Wall Street. Historically low lending rates and the Federal Reserve's easy money policies have allowed fast-paced companies to hire, innovate, acquire, and invest in their busin
New Hampshire House Votes To Legalize Marijuana Possession And Cultivation
“Outside of the 1950s B horror movies, it has never been the job of the government to protect you from a plant,” Rep. Max Abramson (R) said ahead of Thursday’s vote. On Thursday, the GOP-controlled New Hampshire House of Representatives approved a bill to legalize marijuana possession and personal cultivation for adults. Members passed the legislat
The January 2022 Beauty Launches You Need to Know About
Cannabis News
A cocoon-like floral mask for sensitive skin, super-charged serums and a luxe lipstick that feels more like your favourite balm. The post-holiday slump of winter weather, steep credit card bills, and the months-long countdown ‘til Spring all add up to January notoriously offering up the most depressing day of the year. However, these January 2022 b
Adult Use Marijuana Is Now Legal in Montana. So Why Can't Everyone Enjoy It?
Montanans voted to legalize in 2020, then things got complicated. As a sign of the changing times, voters in conservative Montana approved recreational marijuana in November 2020. Now the state's dispensaries are preparing for recreational cannabis sales expected to create a $325 million adult-use cannabis market in just three years. Sales started
Oregon Cannabis Commission to Implement New Rules Through 2022
Business & Finance
The Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission has spent the last 18 months crafting new rules to improve the state’s cannabis industry. The OLCC announced in a December 28 press release that it would be implementing new cannabis rules that will take effect between 2022 and 2023. Steve Marks, OLCC executive director, addressed the need for these changes
Limitless Cannabis Industry Still Limits Minority Participants
Business & Finance
We've been making a noted effort to highlight the potential of psychedelics and cannabis as it pertains to the medical industry and the investing ecosystem. Today, we chatted with Melanie Davis, COO &  Director of Managed Service of The People's Ecosystem. Davis has decades of experience in the cannabis industry with extraordinary expertise in part
Ohio medical marijuana: Autism, depression among newly proposed conditions in 2022
Medical News
Ohio will decide whether people with anxiety, depression and lupus can buy marijuana through the state's medical program.  The State Medical Board received nine petitions for 10 potential new qualifying conditions in 2021 and is scheduled to meet next month to begin reviewing the requests. A final decision isn't expected until this summer.    The b
Walmart to sell cannabis products by this Toronto company
Business & Finance
Buy weed at Walmart, at least in Mexico Flora Growth Corp. will launch 12 cannabis skincare products on  Walmart's website and Coppel  “initially on e-commerce with plans to sell in brick-and-mortar retail locations,” the Toronto-based company announced earlier this week. While Walmart is one of the leading retail chains in Central America, Coppel,
Second petition filed to legalize recreational cannabis in Oklahoma
  Oklahomans could see on the ballot this year competing state questions to legalize recreational marijuana.  A second initiative petition to legalize recreational marijuana use in Oklahoma for anyone 21 years or older was filed Tuesday with the secretary of state's office. Campaign spokeswoman Michelle Tilley said this measure is a new version of
Bayou City Hemp Company Launches Cannabis-Infused, Ranch Water-Flavored CBD Seltzer in Texas
Business & Finance
  Canned Soft Seltzer Inspired by the Iconic Texas Cocktail is Crafted with Nanoemulsion Technology to Emphasize Absorption and Taste  Bayou City Hemp Co., Texas' first and leading hemp processing and extraction company, has released its first CBD seltzer under its flagship brand, Mixer Elixir. Handcrafted in Houston, the Mixer Elixir Ranch Water s
Firefighter tested positive for marijuana after deadly fire truck crash, charged with vehicular homicide
A firefighter was arrested after a fire engine struck two vehicles on a highway in Livingston Parish, leaving an elderly woman dead. The Denham Springs Police Department confirmed Thursday that Cody Kahl, 24, was arrested for the deadly crash, which happened June 13 on Pete's Highway. Investigators said Kahl was driving the fire engine behind a pic
NY Gov. Pledges $200M To Boost Social Equity Efforts As Part Of Cannabis Legalization Program
  New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) is set to pledge $200 million to support social equity applicants within the state’s burgeoning marijuana market. On Wednesday, Hochul revealed an extensive State of the State book, laying out the plan for 2022, including policies she will pursue as well as her intentions to promote equity and economic justice in th
Recently Discovered Cannabis Compound Shown to be 30x More Potent than THC
Cannabis News
The recent discovery of a new cannabinoid—located deep in the hemp plant’s trichomes—could have huge implications for the future of cannabis. It’s called Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabiphorol or THCP and it’s a psychoactive molecule that’s shown to be up to 30 times more potent than tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. Fresh Bros™ now offers this incredible cannabino