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Tuesday, Dec. 1 marks the one year anniversary of legal sales of recreational marijuana in Michigan. Looking at it strictly from a revenue-generating vehicle, it’s apparent that the voter-approved initiative has been a plus for the state — bringing in nearly $73 million in taxes. According to the most recent available information, as provided by Da
Federal Legalization Could Happen If Democrats Win Georgia’s Two Senate Seats In the January Run-off Recreational and medical cannabis use ballot victories across the political spectrum this fall show marijuana’s acceptance continues to grow among American voters. Still, politicians mostly act along party lines. Over the past few years, the democra
Marijuana regulators in Massachusetts on Monday voted 3-1 in a virtual meeting to approve revised rules for the industry, including allowing the home delivery of pot. The regulations create two types of delivery licenses: Original link
Arizona officials, including Republican Governor Doug Ducey, have certified the election in Arizona, and now recreational marijuana is officially legal.  However, if you're 21 years or older and want to purchase or grow the drug, there's no legal way to do so for now.  “Very important that people know there is no method for people to buy legal cann
Cannabis tax revenues in Q3 collected by the State of California soared by a record 80% year-over-year, and by a record of $136 million year-over-year, to a $307 million, the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration reported Monday afternoon. This does not include tax revenues collected by cities and counties. All three categories surged
There were hopes a (positive) TGA decision would be published last week in relation to over-the-counter cannabidiol (CBD) in Australia. Here’s what’s happening. First, a recap of the road to this point. Cannabidiol is a non-intoxicating (i.e., it doesn’t create a high) cannabinoid that can be extracted from hemp. CBD has been the focus of significa
The United States will soon be sandwiched between two nations with federally legalized marijuana. Just days before the Thanksgiving holiday, Mexico moved forward with legislation legalizing the cannabis plant for a variety of uses. This comes on the heels of Canada's historic legalization several years ago, which has created a viable international
The Detroit City Council approved an ordinance on Tuesday that will permit recreational marijuana retailers and other adult-use cannabis businesses to operate in the city. The ordinance, which includes provisions to ensure that at least half of recreational pot businesses are owned by city residents, was introduced last month by Councilmember James
The anticipated lockdown on many in-person get-togethers this holiday season because of the COVID-19 curveball has put a damper on regular festivities. But there’s no better way to brighten grey days than with thoughtful gift-giving that reflects better times and offers a connection to loved ones. Since 2020 is the year of never-ending change, it m
Georgia has opened the application process for businesses who want to manufacture cannabis oil for medical use in the state. The General Assembly legalized the treatment for a limited number of conditions five years ago, and the Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission has now approved the process that would allow roughly 14,000 registered pat
If you’re a cannabis user, your most important consideration is the flower itself. However, how one ingests the substance is a close second. The physical and mental benefits largely depend on how you absorb the herb. Today, we’ll take a look at the most prominent methods, discuss the positive and negative aspects of each, and end by busting some co
In the last few years, Colombia has been shaping up its legal cannabis policies, legalizing medical cannabis and quickly joining the global medical cannabis market. Now, new legislation climbing its way through Colombian Congress, means that recreational cannabis in Colombia is one step closer to becoming a reality. The world of legal cannabis is a
Will Cannabis Reform Happen Before The New Year? As the world of cannabis becomes more regulated having better cannabis reform in place is a must. During the election, Vice president-elect Karmala Harris made a promise to legalize cannabis on a federal level. Now that promise may come true in the near future. With that being said in the upcoming we
South Dakotans voting to legalize recreational marijuana July 1 creates some challenges for law enforcement in Minnesota, mainly the possibility of impaired drivers coming back from South Dakota. “The potential for drivers who have consumed marijuana to various impairment levels and then driving in Minnesota creates a safety risk, mainly due to the
One day in the early fall of 2018, while scrutinizing the finances of his thriving Colorado garden supply business, Chip Baker noticed a curious development: transportation costs had spiked fivefold. The surge, he quickly determined, was due to huge shipments of cultivation supplies—potting soil, grow lights, dehumidifiers, fertilizer, water filter
When the pandemic began last Spring, Mary Jane’s Medicinals, which sells CBD and cannabis-infused topicals, took a big hit. April was “one of our worst months of sales ever,” said chief executive and founder Dahlia Mertens. A rebound soon followed though and by August sales were as high as they had ever been. The company’s growth this fall has been
With Montana and South Dakota approving recreational marijuana ballot measures earlier this month and Minnesota's governor and most Democrats in favor, North Dakota could in a year or so be surrounded by marijuana retail stores. To the north is Canada, which legalized marijuana nationally. "I think it shows that it's not a left-wing or right-wing i
With the holiday season already upon us, savvy hosts are busy preparing to celebrate with friends and family, whether the event is a planned family gathering or an impromptu party with friends. And while the challenges 2020 has thrown at us will mean things aren’t the way they usually are, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Consider beverages, for
Starting a cannabis business in the US takes a lot of planning, effort, and patience. However, it’s doable if you choose the best US state for such a business. According to some of the most recent statistics, the cannabis industry is among the fastest-growing industries globally. Therefore, it’s a perfect time to start this type of business. Cannab