New York design studio Zero is getting into the weed business by partnering with Dosist and Sunday Goods founders to launch a "brand-centred" cannabis company called Studio. It marks the first step into creating their own series of cannabis brands after years of helping build them for clients. With plans to expand to other markets across the United
Despite the inauspicious beginning of 2020, Hawke Media believes the COVID-19 pandemic presented unprecedented opportunities for companies in the right industries: specifically cannabis. Hawke Media, a digital marketing company operating as an “outsourced” chief marketing officer (CMO), believes that such an opportunity existed, and still exists, a
Wisconsin lawmakers recently unveiled a bipartisan bill to decriminalize marijuana statewide. The bill is not the first of its kind, but it benefits from the exceedingly rare support of some Republican politicians, setting it apart from the usual Democrat-led initiatives shunned by the Republican legislature. Under this bill, possession of a person
We’re now armed with more facts about marijuana than ever before, but a lot of misinformation continues to circulate. Here are some untruths you should be aware of. As marijuana becomes more mainstream, so do   myriad myths and legends. Fallacies and untruths about marijuana have existed as long as its opponents have. The main difference between th
Despite a high rise in Michigan’s marijuana business, Delta Township does not have a dispensary — and township officials don’t expect that to change any time soon. According to Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency, more than 700 dispensaries opened in the state of Michigan since 2021. In 2019, the township board voted against allowing dispensaries
The West Virginia Office of Medical Cannabis is holding registration events in several cities in the coming days. The public events for medical cannabis patients will be held Wednesday in Morgantown at Fairfield Inn and Suites, Thursday in Weston at Hampton Inn and Dec. 7 in Princeton at Country Inn & Suites. Each registration will be held from 9 a
"Would be great to hear from you," the police service tweeted. There was nothing sweet at all about cannabis-infused treats found hidden inside a hedge that could have proved dangerous if discovered by children. A treasure trove of cannabis sweets was found in a suspicious package tucked away in the hedge on a residential street in Ivybridge by a c
Chris Taloumis, CEO of Brewster's first and only approved retail recreational cannabis shop, can hardly curb his enthusiasm. “We can’t wait till we get open,” he said. And why not, since it’s the curbing on Route 6A that’s been holding up the Haven Centerl since it received its final local approval in February 2020.  However, the grand opening may
If cannabis reform is an incremental process, and it is, then this past year has shown the industry just how much can be accomplished in state-level legislation. Following the watershed election in 2020, state legislators across the U.S. got down to business this year. As detailed in a new report from NORML, state legislatures have passed and enact
Retail marijuana will not be coming to Greenport in the near future. Village trustees voted 3-2 Monday night to opt out of allowing on-site marijuana consumption and retail dispensaries within village boundaries, ahead of the state’s Dec. 31 deadline. The village may choose to opt in later, reversing the decision, but it will never again have the o
Ever heard of a gram shop law? It’s a thing, and if you’re an insurance broker in Michigan focused on the cannabis space, then you and your clients are well aware of the term. The law, signed by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer over the summer, is similar to long-established dram shop laws for businesses that serve or sell liquor. The law certainly stands out
In hopes that it clears up inconsistencies across the board In an attempt to deal with cannabis testing issues and laboratory inconsistencies, California is standardizing the process throughout the state's approximately 40 active weed testing facilities. The initiative comes under the new state law – Senate Bill 544, signed in October by Governor G
Newly identified sulfur compounds in cannabis flowers give the plant its telltale funky odor Scientists have finally sniffed out the molecules behind marijuana’s skunky aroma. The heady bouquet that wafts off of fresh weed is actually a cocktail of hundreds of fragrant compounds. The most prominent floral, citrusy and piney overtones come from a co
Nationwide, Black people were 3.6 times more likely than white people to be arrested for marijuana possession in 2018, despite similar usage rates, according to a 2020 American Civil Liberty Union report. At the same time, the U.S. cannabis industry was and still is exploding with only 10% of cannabis business owners identifying as Latino or Africa
The cannabis industry continues to morph into a legitimate and possibly lucrative vertical for media agencies to pursue, as cannabis brands raise their marketing game to new heights. Jenny Shi, associate director of media for cannabis brand Charlotte’s Web, explained her company’s approach to harnessing media in multiple forms to grow market share
"Legalization may contribute to an environment that positively affects police officers’ performance in solving serious crimes." Police solved more violent crimes in Oregon after cannabis was legalized, states a new study from The International Journal of Drug Policy. Oregon legalized cannabis in 2014 and the study tracked crime reports from 2007 to
Peggy had just left the hospital when she went to visit her cannabis dealer in Denton. A retail cashier in her mid-60s, she was struggling to pay her bills and buy the drugs prescribed to treat an inoperable brain tumor. She needed the cannabis to give her an appetite when she began chemotherapy. The neutered, expensive but legal product then allow
Now that more than half of the U.S. has permitted legalized medical marijuana, it’s clear to see the ripple effects that the law has had. It’s hard to put into words how far along the fight to end marijuana prohibition has come. It’s fair to assume that much of that progress wouldn’t have been possible without the passage of California’s Prop 215 b
The 35-year-old was stranded on an open aluminum boat in the middle of heavy rain. An Australian woman may feel adrift once again after the small boat she was operating on the weekend had to be towed ashore because of mechanical problems, resulting in police rescuers searching the tinny and finding cannabis.The 35-year-old woman found herself adrif