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For some, it might mean feeling a little uneasy when matched with an unknown entity that catches them off guard when they least expect it, or a looming dread of a weekly editorial meeting that keeps them from wanting to get out of bed. Hey, we’ve been there. There are other people, however, who have an irrational, crippling fear (otherwise known as
Regulatory hurdles, backbreaking work and an uncertain market. Top that off with then having your crop destroyed and it was a really crappy season for some hemp farmers in the US state of Iowa. Original link
As of this week, those with certain health conditions in the U.K. will be able to apply for Cancard, a cannabis card that will make sure patients don’t get arrested for having cannabis medicine on their person.  The idea is to make sure that no one who needs cannabis medicinally has to be worried about the law, even if their medical card is expired
While there are countries where the use of cannabis is a way of life, it is a big crime to be found with a cannabis product in many other countries. What was once an illegal substance is now considered in many countries around the world as being acceptable. As you could guess, I’m talking about cannabis or marijuana. Thanks to its many benefits, ca
U.S. lawmakers keep saying that marijuana legalization will pass, but they just can’t make any predictions on the timeline. Marijuana is legal nationwide in Canada, and it could soon be in Mexico, as well. But the United States government has all but refused to even consider marijuana legalization as part of the American way. Although a slew of sta
The Minnesota Department of Health has announced that three more conditions now qualify for access to the state's medical cannabis program. The department said sickle cell disease and chronic vocal/or motor tic disorder will be added to its list of qualifying conditions, which will take effect in August 2021. It comes after MDH sought public submis
Consuming cannabis before getting behind the wheel is never a good idea, but just how much influence does it have on our driving? A study published on Tuesday suggests that low doses of CBD don’t have an influence on people’s capabilities to drive. It also found that while THC is capable of impairing drivers, the effects wear off within a period of
The Department of Agriculture Monday announced the expansion of the pilot Multi-Peril Crop Insurance plan for hemp. The expansion and other improvements to the plan, will begin in the 2021 crop year. USDA Risk Management Agency Administrator Martin Barbre says, “Hemp offers exciting economic opportunities for our nation’s farmers, and we are listen
The recent trend of using CBD in health-related products has been fueled by increasing interest and curiosity about its medicinal value as a natural alternative to synthetic ingredients and chemicals. As a result, the retail market has become inundated with a wide range of topical products containing cannabidiol, all claiming to benefit skin health
In the 18 months since Arkansas’ first medical marijuana dispensary opened in May 2019, overall sales have surpassed 28,000 pounds. In total, Arkansans have spent $187 million to obtain 28,674 pounds of medical marijuana. At this rate, officials with the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission anticipate sales will reach 30,000 pounds by late Decembe
Researchers of a new study note that CBD plays an important role in risk reduction for users of high THC cannabis. Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article solely belong to the author and do not necessarily represent those of The Fresh Toast.  A U.K. think tank has published as study called Changes in delta‐9‐tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and c
As cannabis becomes a go-to source for a myriad of health benefits, celebrity endorsements are normalizing the herb more than ever. Legally speaking, cannabis has slowly been making progress, shifting our cultural perspective so much so that it seems like celebrities openly embracing the drug should be the norm. It isn’t. Despite the fact that cann
Read entire article at Technical 420 Earlier this month, we highlighted the Israeli cannabis industry as one of the most exciting emerging markets due to the climate being prefect for cultivating cannabis and the export opportunity to the European Union (EU). We want to briefly talk about the importance of these two factors so our readers can bette
Would you smoke cannabis if it meant you might consume less alcohol, tobacco, or prescription drugs? A recent study examining a group of patients adds more convincing evidence to the idea that marijuana is an “exit” drug rather than a gateway drug. Published in the International Journal of Drug Policy, the study compared survey results of 973 patie
While sales of cannabis edibles in general have grown steadily in legal marijuana markets, the cannabis candies segment has seen very strong sales, with cannabis-infused gummies making up 84% of cannabis candy sales so far in 2020 across Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada and Oregon. BDSA Consumer Insights data from the beginning of 2020 shows t
South African cannabis policy is currently at a crossroads. In 2018, the Constitutional Court effectively decriminalized private cannabis use. Since then, the government has continued to grapple with how to regulate this plant and its products, locally called ‘dagga’. A cannabis bill to clarify legal reforms was recently presented in parliament. Ye
Marijuana Measures Fall Short of Providing Free Development of Personality  The crux of Rivera and his team’s demands are simple: to ensure the right to freely develop one’s personality, on equal terms as tobacco and alcohol. To do that, you need to end prohibition and discrimination in the system. . In my interview with him, Rivera describes how t
November was a huge month at the ballot box for marijuana legalization as voters in multiple states approved new medical and recreational measures. In Mississippi and South Dakota, voters overwhelmingly approved new medical marijuana laws – with Mississippi voters expressly rebuking their political leaders and endorsing an expansive decriminalizati
Zimbabwe sees export earnings from cannabis outstripping those of tobacco by almost three times after last year legalizing the cultivation of the plant for medicinal use. Original link