If your mom is a “cool” mom, cannabis companies want you to think outside the box for this year's present. Several cannabis companies aren't shying away from Mother's Day like last year, just the opposite they are embracing it.


“2017 is a different story. We are expecting most clients to offer promotions/sales around Mother’s Day,” said Joel Milton, Chief Executive Officer at Baker, a cannabis software company. “Since normalization is a bigger theme of these markets, dispensaries are realizing how important this demographic is.” Retail is retail no matter the end product and if there is money to be made on a holiday, the dispensaries would be smart to cash in. A survey conducted by the National Retail Federation said that overall shoppers are planning to spend the highest amount in over a decade this year for Moms. The average spend for 2017 is estimated to $186.39 per Mom.

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Debra Borchardt ~ Forbes Contributor