Image of petition signer for marijuana legalization in Mississippi
Tomorrow, FRIDAY 3/27 there will be a press conference in Jackson about ballot initiative 48. Please attend! Regency Hotel 400 Greymont Street, Jackson in the Conference Center at noon.
It's the end of the month, please remember that we are required by law to report what we spend on Initiative 48 for Team Legalize. All other groups (like MAC) are responsible for their own reporting. If you sent us postage stamps, or you paid for copies, posters gas or etc that was used on the ballot initiative, please tell us how much so that it can be declared. If you have spent more than $201, we must also give them your name, address, employer and your job. THAT IS THE LAW!
If you have questions, you can see the forms we filed for January and February in the file section of our FB page. Please EMAIL me the information, because it is really hard to keep all of the information together when it arrives in all of the various formats we use for social media.


What greater form of patriotism is there; than the belief that Mississippi is not yet finished, that we are strong enough to be self-critical, that each successive generation can look upon our imperfections and decide that it is in our power to remake our State's Constitution to more closely align with our highest ideals?
No More Jail for Marijuana, because regulation works!
The weather will not stop us! Collect signatures!
If you do not have a petition, please download one, it's attached and in our FB file section, or on line or emailed or snail mailed just write to ask for it:  
If you have signed petitions but fear handing them in, PLEASE MAIL THEM TO ME> Kelly Jacobs 3985 Robertson Gin Rd, Hernando 38632 
Please hand in your petitions. They are not counting for anything if they are not handed in. (below is my detailed list of which counties have certified petitions and handed them in to me to put into the Team Legalize Bank.)
This Friday is Deadline #18, because every week I try to get Team Legalize to collect signatures and hand them in by Friday. We are trying to get this done, but we need more participation from everyone. 
Please collect signatures and hand them in to your Circuit Clerk. 
Remember, one page per county, they must be separated or the signature from the outside county will be rejected.
Team Legalize, Mississippians are waiting for you, they want to change their constitution, they want to vote on this, so please find a safe, lawful place and collect signatures.
Here are our updated Signature totals we need 21,443 for each district:
DISTRICT 1           1279 rejected -> 1932 certified
DISTRICT 2          131 rejected -> 143 certified
DISTRICT 3           253 rejected -> 922 certified
DISTRICT 4           414 rejected -> 480 certified
DISTRICT 5           578 rejected -> 796 certified
Total 2655 rejected ( We NEED POSTAGE STAMPS! please mail them to me, thanks! Kelly Jacobs 3985 Robertson Gin Rd, Hernando 38632) Each District must collect 21,443 certified signatures or the entire initiative will fail.
Collect signatures from any or all of Mississippi's 82 Counties.
 Total Certified 4,273
Needed  110,000!
Only 40 of our 82 Counties have sent me certified petitions! I sure need more help to get the petitions into the Team Legalize Bank.
WE NEED A BIGGER TEAM! Find new recruits for Team Legalize who send their name, county and phone to . Also add them to the membership of this FB page.
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